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JWoods & Associates is an executive recruitment, placement, consulting and career advancement firm with two divisions: JWoodsExecs and JWoodsCareerBranding.

We are located in Seattle and South Florida and serve the Natural Products Industry, higher education institutions and non-profits.


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Career Advancement is our business and our passion. The Career Branding Division positions a candidate’s career achievements for a competitive advantage. It’s about training, marketing, coaching, presentation and creating a personal brand. The goal is design a distinctive brand that displays the talents and achievements of each professional.

The advantage of our Career Branding Division is the value we place on candidates. We use our career coaching expertise plus our job search strategies for your career success.

To become part of the JWoods & Associates candidate team, you must be committed to work. We conduct an extensive ‘job search boot camp’ that requires dedication, a candid skill and performance assessment, as well as a commitment to be at your best and present yourself accordingly. When you make it through our programs, you will be well-marketed.


As employers and executive recruiters seek top talented professionals, they look for candidates who have a track record of verifiable professional achievements. Such candidates are found through an aggressive recruiting, networking and referral strategy. Adding value to an organization is what hiring managers expect and recruiters look for. Both want to see specific achievements so there is a return on their investment. They want to recruit an articulate, authentic candidate with stellar credentials - someone who makes the competition sit up and take notice.

At www.JWoodsCareerBranding.com, you will find a host of career advancement strategies to help you. Our goal is to differentiate you from other job seekers and to help you realize your career dreams.


We work with executives and mid-management candidates in the natural products industry and non-profit arenas to strengthen their market position and talent pool. We get to know our candidates, their goals and aspirations, their challenges and frustrations and together we design a career advancement program that is proactive, not reactive.

Programs and services include:

  • Database Placement: Free inclusion in the JWoods & Associates database. When a position becomes available, your resume is on file.
  • Job Search Coaching: This fee-based service provides access to coaching elements including review and editing of resumes & cover letters, creation of a compelling marketing statement and refinement of your interviewing skills. Should a candidate so desire, additional services are available.
  • Job Search Marketing & Agent Services: A fee-based service designed to aggressively market and present candidates to employers, hiring managers and industry leaders.
  • Career Branding & Agent Services: This fee-based, detailed service sets you apart from all the others. It strengthens your MARKET POSITION and defines your BRAND.

The outcome of these services distinguishes you from others in a variety of significant ways. For details on Candidate Services, check out the Candidate Services page at www.JWoodsCareerBranding.com


Executives and mid-management candidates in the natural products industry and non-profit fields who want to advance their career should submit their resumes and contact information in the Contact Us section. We welcome your participation on the JWoods & Associates team.


As a JWoods & Associates candidate, you deserve to know how we value you and are committed to your success. You have the right to:

  1. Receive pertinent information about the potential hiring organization
  2. Be treated with dignity and respect
  3. Communicate with the search and career consultant
  4. Be informed about where you are in the search process
  5. Complete confidentiality until release is authorized


It is our mission to provide job seekers with confidential Career Advancement opportunities via employers’ access to your confidential profile, plus:

  • confidential job postings
  • special trainings and webinars
  • coaching sessions and special offerings

A Candidate Career Branding Membership section under Membership will launch.

To provide employers with private access to vetted candidates, confidential job postings, management webinars, special trainings and access to special offerings, we will launch a membership program.

For More Information, contact 425-313-3098