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& Career Solutions

JWoods & Associates is an executive recruitment, placement, consulting and career advancement firm with two divisions: JWoodsExecs and JWoodsCareerBranding.

We are located in Seattle and South Florida and serve the Natural Products Industry, higher education institutions and non-profits.


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Our JWoodsExecs Division gives an organization a competitive edge. We deliver innovative executive recruitment and management solutions so you are better prepared to win the War for Talent. We do this through:

  1. Executive Recruiting Services
  2. Consulting Solutions
  3. Value-added & Customized Fee Structures


Before we implement a recruitment or consulting program, we partner with executives and candidates and conduct a SWOT Analysis. We analyze internal and external Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

The results of this audit help to ensure that our game plan is focused, our objective is clear and the goals are achievable.

We understand that resources are limited so we partner with executives to make certain our services are cost-effective and achieve what each client expects. To review an abbreviated SWOT analysis conducted by a small company, please CLICK ON THE attached PDF.


Jim Collins is correct when he discusses the value of having the right people “on the bus” in his book, “Good To Great”. Our executive recruiting services address the recruitment and selection process with Collins’ philosophy in mind. Says Collins, "The old adage that people are your most important asset is wrong. People are not your most important asset. The RIGHT people are."

Our recruitment and search process qualifies and disqualifies candidates. We recruit and vet candidates based on your organizational needs, corporate culture, performance expectations, timelines, and budget. We don’t present resumes - we present top-talented, qualified professionals who are ready to add value and productivity to your bottom line.

Our 'job search boot camp' tests the commitment and viability of candidates. If candidates don't make it through our process or they don’t meet our standards, then we don’t present them to you.


We limit the number of clients we work with so that we don’t compromise on quality and outcomes. Various structures can be designed:

  1. Retainer Engagement: This is the highest recruitment priority with the closest attention given to the search.
  2. Exclusive Contingency Engagement: This is the second highest level of recruitment service.
  3. Hybrid: We discuss search alternatives and design an option and process that works for the employer.
    We also add value to each search by including:

    1. One month free Performance Coaching for newly hired candidates. (market value is $1,500)
    2. News release to announce the hiring of the new executive
    3. Conditional Guarantee


A Variety of Consulting and Hiring Services is Available - You Design What Works for You

  1. Bundled Solutions: We provide our expertise through a monthly retainer and you get to spread your budget over time. We save you that large, one-time search expenditure by outsourcing or bundling our services. You retain us on a monthly basis and we perform the work. We complement your human resources program.
  2. Lease-A-Professional: This meets the needs of small- to mid-size businesses with limited staff and resources. Hire our expertise to help with segments of your hiring process. We bill you according to your individualized needs and resources.

    • Position Descriptions – We help companies prepare and update position descriptions.
    • Employee Assessments – We provide the process to assess internal candidates prior to an external search. We evaluate their skills with the position requirements.
    • Extended Interviews – We conduct longer and more extensive interviews and provide results to you.
    • Reference & Certification Checks – At your request, and with the candidate's permission, we:
      • Conduct extensive reference checks
      • Confirm educational degrees and other credentials
      • Help you arrange background checks with external subcontractors
  3. Vetted Candidates: We provide access to vetted, pre-referenced, high-performance candidates. You gain faster access to a pool of candidates who are ready to meet you and discuss their value to your business.
  4. A La Carte Services: Use our expertise and those of our partners as we design the most cost-effective solutions for your hiring and organizational needs. Our goal is to get the job done for you.
  5. Outplacement Services: When employers need to transition employees, we help to make the process smooth and seamless. Our goal is to make this process productive for the employee plus helpful to employers who can’t afford traditional outplacement programs. Our virtual outplacement services include phone, webcam and email access and support.

    • We offer A La Carte Pricing. In this model an employer purchases a block of hours per employee, and the employee modifies services to meet their individualized needs. Among such services are: resume and cover letter writing; market analysis; career coaching; assessments; interview coaching; resume marketing and distribution; performance coaching and negotiation skills.


JWoods & Associates provides customized consulting solutions on a project, hourly or monthly basis. These include:

  1. Management and Employee Performance Coaching: We provide one-on-one performance coaching programs to enhance an employee’s contribution to the organization’s goals.
  2. Employee Assessments: We provide clients with the tools to assess their employee's skills with specific job requirements and performance outcomes.
  3. Media & Public Relations Branding: PDF
  4. Product Branding & Packaging: PDF
  5. Video Production: PDF


As our partner, we believe there are standards you should expect. Our Employer Bill of Rights states you deserve:

  1. To have a positive image promoted in the marketplace;
  2. To be updated on a timely basis on the search or consulting process;
  3. A confidential search or project work;
  4. Cost-effective fees;
  5. A successful search and consulting service.


The quality of our work exceeds expectations, so our time is limited to working with industry leaders who are ethical, honest and well-respected. We evaluate employers on:

1. Industry Reputation Integrity, Mission, Executive Team, Products, Services
2. Corporate Culture Is there a positive, cutting edge team environment?
3. Employee's Value How are employees valued?
What is the turnover rate and why?
What are former employees saying and why?
What employee incentives, career advancements, benefits are provided?
4. Leadership Team What is the reputation of the executive team?
What standards do they maintain for work, leadership and team building?
Are they respected within the industry and work environment?
What drives their success?
5. Partnership Fit

Does the employer want a partnership?
Are they willing to hear the truth?
Will communication and honesty be on both sides?
Will we be proud to work with this employer?